A cause for concern?



We received an email with photos from a concerned local resident regarding the condition of a stone wall on Church Street..

It appears that a wall adjacent to a recently renovated property is severely unstable.

As can be clearly seen from these photos, the interleaving stones appear to be parting by quite some amount.

As Old Glossop is a popular tourist area and advertised as such on the ‘Official’ Old Glossop website old-glossop.com (owned and moderated by ex Councillor Ivan Bell). Perhaps he might be able to ‘make some noise’ in the right direction?

In our opinion this part of the pavement should be coned off now, before somebody gets hurt!..


Unfortunately parking directly opposite Old Glossop Village Green on Church Street is not possible as there are double yellow lines. We do try to discourage even those holding a ‘Blue Badge’ from parking here as there is a ‘blind’ bend however, for out of school hours, there is a common ground directly behind the green and also space for three vehicles on the unsurfaced part of Church Street to the side of the green. Though please be aware, these spaces are often populated by local residents..

Planting on the Green

Could we please remind residents to take care where they plant flowering bulbs on the green.. We must not impede on easy access for local residents, children and dog walkers etc..


On many occasions we have asked that local residents do NOT plant spring flowers randomly on the ‘Village Green’ , especially in places that impede access for local walkers and children to play.
Planting along our new perimeter fence and the outer border would be more than sufficient but really not necessary, nor expected..
We are certain that no one feels comfortable walking over freshly planted spring flowers simply to enjoy the free use of our local green..

Disabled Access

Could we kindly ask local residents to ensure that the pavement opposite the green is not obstructed.. Whilst we all like evergreens and garden ornaments we must leave at least enough room to allow for wheelchair users and pram access. Thank you for your understanding…

Double Yellow Lines

Our Yellow Lines are now barely visible here in Old Glossop, causing some confusion with both visitors and seemingly locals alike.

Please please please could High Peak Borough Council re-mark ALL of Church Street, so that everyone knows where they can safely and legally park..

The Highway Code clearly explains that double yellow lines “indicate a prohibition of waiting at any time even if there are no upright signs.”